Fall TV Preview 2014: The Good, the Bad & the Gotham

From 'Batman: The Wonder Years' to the 'fun-cedural' genre and Katherine Heigl superspy, this may be the craziest season yet

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Richard Cartwright/CBS4/12


CBS Wed., 10 p.m. 

This is the kind of thing networks call a psychological thriller – I usually file it away under the category "SODL," or Stacks O' Dead Ladies. It's not my personal cup of bloodbath even when it's done well – i.e., when it involves Kevin Bacon. So it's gratifying to see it done as badly as Stalker. You don't even hit the opening credits before the first torture killing. (You're not going to believe this, but the victim? Female!) If you can buy Maggie Q as a cerebral criminal psychologist, then you'll probably buy Dylan McDermott in anything – the man with the perma-frown hasn't looked so haunted since his poignant masturbation scene in American Horror Story. Cheer up, Dylan – it'll be over quick.

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