Fall TV Preview 2014: The Good, the Bad & the Gotham

From 'Batman: The Wonder Years' to the 'fun-cedural' genre and Katherine Heigl superspy, this may be the craziest season yet

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Ray Mickshaw/FOX8/12


Fox Sun., 9:30 p.m.

"You can't fake a laugh. It's not like 'I love you!' " It's a telling punch line for Mulaney, the sitcom starring SNL writer John Mulaney. Everybody expects greatness from Mulaney – he made his name feeding Stefon last-minute lines not even a pro like Bill Hader could utter with a straight face. So far it's in raw shape – the laugh track is cranked all the way, to the point where you can't help wincing at how hard the laugh track is trying. Mulaney plays an aspiring comic who writes for pompous game-show host Martin Short. The Seinfeld influence is everywhere, from the stand-up bits to the way Mulaney seems to live in Jerry's apartment. The jury is still out on this one, though given the talent here, Mulaney is a likely bet to improve. But seriously, folks – gut-shoot that laugh track.

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