School Days and Parisian Nightsuits: Every 'Freaks and Geeks' Episode, Ranked

In honor of the gone-too-soon show, we rank every episode of this cult TV classic, from good to great

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12. 'Noshing and Moshing'

Air Date: October 17, 2000
Catharsis comes in many forms. For Neal, it's a dummy. Still reeling from the discovery of his father's philandering ways, Neal turns to the art of ventriloquism in order to express his inner turmoil — using Morty the Dummy, naturally, to help him say what he can't. Unsurprisingly, it all ends terribly for him, when he puts on a show for his dad's friends and patients that rips all of the Schweiber skeletons out of the closet. Just when he thinks it can't get worse, he stumbles upon his super-cool college brother (played by David Krumholtz) making out with Lindsay, whom he has been in love with since childhood. The episode is decidedly more Geek-leaning, and shows how Lindsay is still toeing the line between her former self and her newly invented life as a Freak. Still, Daniel's attempt to change up his own persona — going full "punker" and bringing Nick and Ken along for the ride — is a fun diversion.
Best Line: "Why don't you go pick on someone your own size. There's a bus in the parking lot."

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