School Days and Parisian Nightsuits: Every 'Freaks and Geeks' Episode, Ranked

In honor of the gone-too-soon show, we rank every episode of this cult TV classic, from good to great

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4. 'Dead Dogs and Gym Teachers'

Air Date: October 10, 2000
Yet another casualty of Freaks and Geeks' cancellation, "Dead Dogs and Gym Teachers" is yet another episode that fans didn't get to see until the show ran in syndication. After accidentally running over Millie's dog, Kim and Lindsay assuage their guilt over not copping to being the culprits by bringing her into the friendship fold and invite her along to see the Who with them. Lindsay hasn't even been able to convince her own parents to let her attend the concert, but she's got that covered: Harold and Jean are going to listen to an album to make sure there's nothing obscene about the music. (Their differing views on what a Squeezebox might be is worth the price of admission alone.) There's a trainwreck about to go down at Bill's house, too, when his mom reveals that she has been seeing Mr. Fredricks — and it's getting serious.
Best Line: "Sure, Lindsay. You can go see the Who. And you can go see the Rolling Stones at Altamont, too."

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