Every Comedy Central Roast, From Worst to Best

From Flavor Flav to Larry the Cable Guy, we rank every one of the network's insult-athons

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1. Charlie Sheen

Roasts succeed when a willing target with a thick skin has skeletons that refuse to languish in the closet; in this regard, raving Vatican assassin Charlie Sheen, circa 2011, is perfect. Thankfully, the dais — an excellent mix of professionals, funny weirdos and unpredictable personalities like Mike Tyson — know how to exploit even an obvious mark. "How do you roast a meltdown?" asks Jeff Ross, clad in Muammar Gaddafi getup. Sheen beams while taking his lumps from these strangers, a madman thrilled by a downfall of his own design. And while there are many stand-out performances, this roast celebrates the emergence of one big talent while immortalizing another. Amy Schumer's sly, assured first roast appearance seduces and stuns the crowd; her line "You're like Bruce Willis: You were big in the Eighties and now your old slot's being filled by Ashton Kutcher," is one of the best ever uttered during a roast, period. And Patrice O'Neal, in what would be his final TV appearance, ditches his notes at the podium. Slowly, methodically, the comedian picks off his fellow roasters with a befuddlement and frustration so honest that it blows everyone away. It's ruthless, earth-scorching and hilarious — exactly what these events should be.

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