End Game: TV's Best and Worst Series Finales

From 'Lost' to 'The Sopranos,' these are last episodes that got it right — and very, very wrong

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Worst: 'Weeds'

To be fair, Showtime's pothead social satire — and the perfect star vehicle for Mary Louise Parker, a previously underutilized screen presence — had severely lost its mojo, the plot and our interest over its last few years, so singling out the series finale is somewhat unfair. (See also: True Blood.) But the time-jumped ending and the tying up of loose strands involving dead husbands, nixed romances, parental misgivings, the booming business of Parker's suburban-mom-turned-stoner-entrepreneur and other shenanigans was the definition of forced; even by the eight's season's stem-and-seed standards, the whole thing felt like giving up. One last scene involving most of the core cast sharing a joint on a snowy porch may have touched a nostalgic chord, but it couldn't stave off that old buzzkill feeling.  

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