End Game: TV's Best and Worst Series Finales

From 'Lost' to 'The Sopranos,' these are last episodes that got it right — and very, very wrong

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Worst: 'Dexter'

When Showtime's series about a serial killer who preys upon other serial killers reached the end of the line, viewers expected either karmic retribution or a clean getaway. Would Dexter's Miami Metro colleagues catch him at last? Would he fall victim to the violence he brought to others? Or would he live to slay another day? Ultimately, the answer was less Hannibal Lecter and more Monty Python. After mercy-killing his long-suffering sister Debra, he takes her body out to sea in the middle of a hurricane; the boat is destroyed, but the man himself — apparently a very strong swimmer — survives, showing up in the final shot as…a lumberjack! The result of a narrative logjam set in place by network executives who ordered the producers not to kill their main character in his own series finale, it left many viewers wishing they'd logged off.

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