Emmys Hogs: The Most Over-Rewarded Stars and Shows
The cast of 'Frasier' pose with their Emmy for Outstanding Comedy Series, one of several over-rewarded Emmys shows. Kim Kulish/AFP/Getty Images

The Primetime Emmy Awards are a creature of habit. Once voters become enamored with a certain television show, actor or actress, they will continue to reward them with trophies year after year. These Emmy love fests have resulted in some questionable under-rewarding — and some pretty major over-rewarding. Take The Larry Sanders Show, for instance. For five straight years, the cast and crew of that canon-worthy HBO comedy had to get decked out in their tuxes and dresses, walk the red carpet and prepare acceptance speeches…only to see Frasier win every time. No offense, Kelsey Grammer and company (we do love your show), but really?!?

To avenge the winless, we went through the results of all 65 Emmy Awards and focused our sense of justice on those shows and actors that were arguably rewarded way more times than they deserved. From The Amazing Race to Justin Timberlake, here are 10 of the most over-awarded Emmy winners.