Emmys 2016: 20 Best, Worst and Most WTF Moments

From Jimmy Kimmel's Trump jokes to 'Game of Thrones' making history — the good, the bad and the ugly of 68th annual Emmy Awards

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Worst: The Last Gasp of 'Downton Abbey'

Worst: The Last Gasp of 'Downton Abbey'

Yes, Downton Abbey deserved its early wins — but the show has been going downhill since its third season, veering as surely toward irrelevancy as Matthew Crawley careening toward an unseen lorry. Yet Emmy voters have been nominating Julian Fellowes' period soap opera dutifully year upon year, a fusty choice given the richness of TV dramas out right now. Look, we're not monsters — of course we love Maggie Smith. But did she really need a third Emmy for playing the Dowager Countess of Grantham, at this point more monument than character? (Naturally, she was not present — Kimmel "accepted" the award on her behalf, per his running M.I.A Dame joke.) At least some space will free up in the Drama categories now that Downton is finally done.

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