Emmys 2014's 20 Best and Worst Moments

From a final 'Breaking Bad' victory lap to Seth Meyers' hosting duties, the highs and lows of television's big night

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BEST & WORST: Director of the Emmys Winning an Emmy
Mark Davis/NBC/Getty Images7/20

BEST & WORST: Director of the Emmys Winning an Emmy

Look, the people who produce and direct awards shows deserve recognition for their ability to endure the chaos, unpredictability and painfully long run-times with professionalism and excellence. Glenn Weiss accepted his award for Best Director of a Variety Show for his work on this year's Tonys from the control room of the Emmys – which he was directing! – in what had to be the most meta moment of the entire night. It was tres awkward, it stopped the show (practically literally), and it was also kind of cool. If only he'd broken into song, maybe he’d be up for the Best Musical Number During an Acceptance Speech for the Tonys During the Emmys' Tony Award next year.

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