Emmys 2014's 20 Best and Worst Moments

From a final 'Breaking Bad' victory lap to Seth Meyers' hosting duties, the highs and lows of television's big night

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BEST: Ryan Murphy's 'Normal Heart' Shout-Out
Mark Davis/NBC/Getty Images6/20

BEST: Ryan Murphy's 'Normal Heart' Shout-Out

"It took the super powers of Erin Brockovich and the Hulk to get [this movie made]," Ryan Murphy joked, referring to producer/stars Julia Roberts and Mark Ruffalo finally getting Larry Kramer's landmark play about the early days of the AIDS crisis to the screen. But the Outstanding TV Movie award didn't belong to Murphy, or the actors, or anyone else he mentioned onstage. It was really Kramer's, a frail figure onstage who still commanded a remarkable sense of presence, silent or not. "Become Larry Kramers," he told the people watching. "Find a cause that you will fight for, that you will die for." So many times, you hear people on awards-show stages say these kinds of things. But this was not a pose, the verbal equivalent of a yellow ribbon pinned to a lapel. This time, you believed every word of it.

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