Emmys 2014's 20 Best and Worst Moments

From a final 'Breaking Bad' victory lap to Seth Meyers' hosting duties, the highs and lows of television's big night

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BEST: Billy Crystal's Tribute to Robin Williams
Mark Davis/NBC/NBC via Getty Images)16/20

BEST: Billy Crystal's Tribute to Robin Williams

We knew that following an In Memorium sequence that paid tribute to Lauren Bacall, James Garner and other TV personalities, technicians and actors we'd lost in the past year, that there would be a special segment devoted to Robin Williams. We also knew that, since his friend Billy Crystal was doing this Emmys eulogy, it would be emotional. What might have been to surprising to many of us, however, was how genuinely tasteful, touching and yet totally attuned to Williams' gonzo spirit it would be. "He made us laugh," Crystal opened with, recounting an anecdote about Robin pretending to be a Russian ballplayer ("We have one team: the Reds"). He then choked back tears and said, "It's very hard to talk about him in the past, because he was so present in our lives." The tribute segued into a few brief clips of Williams doing what he did best, ending with a moment from a stand-up special when walked off into the darkness. You could hear a pin drop as the screen faded to black.

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