Emmy Awards: Who's Won the Most?

From the longest nomination streak to the network with the most statuettes, breaking the awards down by the numbers

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Most Emmys Won by a Writer/Producer: 17

Most Emmys Won by a Writer/Producer: 17

The biggest winner here is James L. Brooks, who has 17 Emmys — starting with The Mary Tyler Moore Show and its many spin-offs, running through The Tracey Ullman Show, and finally The Simpsons. Brooks is closely followed by Lorne Michaels, with 14 wins across an empire spanning SNL, Late Night With Conan O’Brien, Late Night With Jimmy Fallon (and the host's later Tonight Show incarnation), Portlandia and 30 Rock. Several other major producers have accumulated 10 Emmys, including David E. Kelley, Jerry Bruckheimer, and Steven Bochco.

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