Emmy Awards: Who's Won the Most?

From the longest nomination streak to the network with the most statuettes, breaking the awards down by the numbers

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Longest Emmy Nomination Streak for Acting: 12

Longest Emmy Nomination Streak for Acting: 12

Jon Hamm is currently on the last of his eight Mad Men nominations for Best Actor in a Drama, a ridiculously long losing streak that has probably gotten pretty frustrating for him by now. That Hamm keeps getting nominated is still representative of the way that, once the Emmys nominate someone (thereby recognizing their credibility/buying into their awards campaign), it's hard for them to be knocked off the pedestal — once you're in, you're in.

Other eight-time Best Actor nominees include Raymond Burr (for two shows, Perry Mason and the original Ironside), Peter Falk (for Columbo), and Dennis Franz (NYPD Blue). On the comedy side, Alan Alda, Kelsey Grammar, and Ted Danson each earned 11 nominations, as did Mary Tyler Moore. But the highest number of acting nominations in the same category is a whopping 12 in a row for Angela Lansbury for her starring turn in Murder, She Wrote.

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