Co-Star Wars: 15 Legendary Emmy Rivalries

Before 'True Detective''s leads compete for the Best Actor award, check out the Emmys' biggest intershow face-offs

Johnny Galecki vs Jim Parsons

Show: The Big Bang Theory
Rivalry year: 2011
Who won: Parsons, 1
Galecki may be earning $1 million per episode now for his take on supergeek Dr. Leonard Hofstadter, but one thing he still doesn't have is an Emmy. That distinction goes to co-star Parsons (Dr. Sheldon Cooper), who has picked up three so far for Best Actor in a Comedy since the show premiered in 2007 — including his second consecutive victory in 2011, when he steamrolled over Galecki (his next came in 2013). So far, it's the only time Galecki has been nominated, but Parsons may well be on his way to a record-tying fourth win in 2014.

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