Why I Love 'SNL': Carrie Brownstein, Broad City, Albert Brooks Sound Off

Comedians from Lena Dunham to Wyatt Cenac weigh in on their favorite sketches and cast members

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Wyatt Cenac on Eddie Murphy

What drew me into the show were the episodes with Eddie Murphy that they'd play on Nick at Nite. We would act out the "James Brown Celebrity Hot Tub" sketch at the swimming pool. When he did "Mr. Robinson's Neighborhood," that spoke to something in me — I was some years removed from watching Mr. Roger's show. It was like, "Oh, I'm too old for that. This is what I'm old enough for now." The intersection between what someone at 11 p.m. finds funny, and what an 11-year-old finds funny...it's a lot closer that what people think.

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