Why I Love 'SNL': Carrie Brownstein, Broad City, Albert Brooks Sound Off

Comedians from Lena Dunham to Wyatt Cenac weigh in on their favorite sketches and cast members

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John Goodman on 'Theodoric of York, Medieval Barber'

My favorite sketch — and I don't know why that is, it's just goofy as shit — is "Theodoric of York: Medieval Barber." I think Tom Davis and the Al Franken wroteit; Steve Martin was the host, and he's playing this "doctor" in the Middle Ages. Bill Murray has lost his leg and he's brought in in a wheelbarrow; Steve has a chicken in a cage and he says, "Well, we’ll have the Caladrius bird look at it." And then he goes into this elaborate monologue about "maybe this isn’t the way, maybe there should be a more scientific approach to medicine, maybe that will affect the world in general – a Renaissance!" And then he goes, "Naaahh…." [Laughs]

I hate to use the word "hip," because it’s been so maligned and debased, but that's what SNL was. It was the best of the smart-ass guys from National Lampoon and Second City, with Lorne melding all of them together. Quite frankly, nothing spoke to us before that. I mean, there was Laugh-In and The Carol Burnett Show, where there were very funny sketch comedies — but nothing like this. This was scathing.

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