Why I Love 'SNL': Carrie Brownstein, Broad City, Albert Brooks Sound Off

Comedians from Lena Dunham to Wyatt Cenac weigh in on their favorite sketches and cast members

Carrie Brownstein on 'Wayne's World'
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Carrie Brownstein on 'Wayne's World'

I was definitely ripe for "Wayne's World" in my teen years. I identified myself by the fandom, as I think a lot of people do when they're young. There's something so incredibly earnest and embarrassing about Wayne and Garth's relationship to the bands they love. Most of adolescence is about are trying to figure out who you are and how you relate to the world, before cynicism really become entrenched in one's psyche.

It's why when you’re a kid and you’re looking up to the musicians, you're really lacking in a lot of the coolness that you're trying to emulate — the distance between adolescent awkwardness and the sort of polished gravitas of your favorite rock stars. I just thought those guys wonderfully captured that. And kind of in the same way that Lonely Island would with their earnest affection for music in their sketches — that's something that I think is pretty cool.

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