Why I Love 'SNL': Carrie Brownstein, Broad City, Albert Brooks Sound Off

Comedians from Lena Dunham to Wyatt Cenac weigh in on their favorite sketches and cast members

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'Broad City''s Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer on Gilda Radner

Abbi: I was a huge Gilda Radner fan — like when she did her homage-to-Mick Jagger song ["Gimme Mick" by punk rocker Candy Slice], or Judy Miller, the little girl playing in her bedroom. It was just so vulnerable! Growing up, they would always play that era of SNL on Comedy Central. I feel like the show's early days were different...you got to know the characters better, like they had a more full life.

Ilana: Like Gilda and Bill Murray as the nerds! They’re sweet, hilarious friends; you're like oh, there are whole stories about that world. I loved when Gilda did "Jewess Jeans," and Roseanne Roseannadanna — I was so excited to see someone with my hair on TV. Like, "Yeah, frizz!"

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