Why I Love 'SNL': Carrie Brownstein, Broad City, Albert Brooks Sound Off

Comedians from Lena Dunham to Wyatt Cenac weigh in on their favorite sketches and cast members

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Albert Brooks on 'Word Association' and Sarah Palin

My favorite skit is Richard Pryor's word association game with Chevy Chase. Nobody had seen that particular kind of thing before. There was probably no whiter man working than Chevy Chase, so it was a very good combination of people. It doesn't happen very often, but when a comedy sketch takes on another dimension where you almost think someone's gonna get punched — it's just great. Chevy cracked a smile on some skits, but he held it together in that one.

But you can't talk about the show without talking about Tina Fey's Sarah Palin. It was the melding of a performer and an event; the timing was so perfect that it probably influenced an election. Look, Saturday Night Live has done impressions forever. But here was a person who was not established enough where just doing an impression [of her] was so meaningful that it formed the perception of who this person was. You forgot you weren't watching Sarah Palin. That could only happen a few times. 

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