Billy Eichner on 9 Great 'Billy on the Street' Moments

From Michelle Obama's shopping-cart ride to Lindsay Lohan's auto destruction, comedian gives us the scoop on nine memorable 'Billy' bits

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Shondaland With Amy Sedaris

Shondaland is the name of Shonda Rhimes' company, and I thought, what if it was an actual destination? That was the germ of the idea, and then we decided that we could make that into an obstacle course. All the writers took a look at the various tropes that you find running through Shonda's work, and then thought about how we could turn those into these ridiculous obstacles. And we got Amy Sedaris, who I've always loved, to run it.

We were beginning to dip our toes into more socially conscious commentary – there's one obstacle where she has to run through a bunch of white people patting themselves on the back for embracing a black lead. It's still a bit gentle ... or not, I guess, depending on your perspective. Aesthetically, it still fits into the very silly aesthetic of the show. I grew up obsessed with Double Dare and Pee-wee's Playhouse. So a lot of those games are inspired by the things I loved as a kid.

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