Billy Eichner on 9 Great 'Billy on the Street' Moments

From Michelle Obama's shopping-cart ride to Lindsay Lohan's auto destruction, comedian gives us the scoop on nine memorable 'Billy' bits

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Mr. Singh Gets Quizzed in the Face

Other than the Elena segments, my favorite "Quizzed in the Face" was one early on with this Indian man named Mr. Singh. Billy on the Street is often a case study in: Don't judge a book by its cover. If someone is dressed in a certain way, I think, Oh, they're going to be really loud and opinionated. But then they have nothing to offer and they completely shy away from the camera. Then you walk up to people who seem like they might be shy or boring, and we have a really funny interaction and they end up being very opinionated. Or there might be an elderly person who you don't think is gonna know a certain pop culture reference, but it turns out they saw that singer on Good Morning America that morning and they have a ton to say about them. So that's really the fun of it.

Mr. Singh was this middle-aged Indian man wearing a turban, and I did not expect him to know much about pop culture. But he knew a ton about Lindsay Lohan and Tara Reid and Shannen Doherty. He said such funny things about them, and he's so charming and so likable. It sounds cheesy, but it really is one of those "only in New York" moments. It's something that you want to happen, but you don't think will actually happen.

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