Biggest Emmy Award Upsets of the Past 25 Years

From whacked Sopranos to spoiled Hamms, the award show's most shocking wins and surprising losses

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Best Actor in a Comedy, 1989

As the golden age of Eighties sitcoms drew to a close, four of its biggest golden boys were up for the Emmy. Michael J. Fox had just ended his run as conservi-teen heartthrob Alex P. Keaton on Family Ties; John Goodman was just getting started as blue-collar dad John Conner on the groundbreaking first season of Roseanne. And two very different kinds of romantic leads, Ted Danson from Cheers and Fred Savage from The Wonder Years, rounded out the category. The winner, though? Richard Mulligan, for his affable — but not exactly for-the-ages work — as Dr. Harry Weston on the Golden Girls spinoff Empty Nest.