Best. Show. Never.: The Greatest TV Series That Never Were

With so many genius ideas for shows pitched, how did we get 'The Leftovers'? Inside prime time's lost treasures

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'Susan 313'
Craig Barritt/Getty Images4/9

'Susan 313'

NBC 2012

In 2012, Sarah Silverman filmed a pilot for NBC about a woman trying to put her life together after a bad breakup, co-starring Jeff Goldblum, Tig Notaro and Ken Leung. Silverman remembers getting the bad news: "We were in the editing bay and we had a notes call, and the whole call was 'No notes. We're good.' We hung up and just smiled at each other. We knew it was over. Great lessons, though: There were too many hoops to jump through. It's just not my thing." When it failed, Silverman posted the pilot online. "As a huge fan, I like seeing pilots that didn't go," she says. "Plus there's a part that wants to expose every shit I take, figuratively."

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