Best. Show. Never.: The Greatest TV Series That Never Were

With so many genius ideas for shows pitched, how did we get 'The Leftovers'? Inside prime time's lost treasures

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'Sick in the Head'
Chris Haston/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank)7/9

'Sick in the Head'

FOX 1999

Two years before, Apatow developed another show, starring Kevin Corrigan, David Krumholtz and, once again, Amy Poehler. "It was a modern Bob Newhart Show about an unqualified therapist," says Apatow. "I was so sure it was going to get picked up that I'd planned to run that show and not Freaks and Geeks." Fox passed. "Back then, we were just enough ahead of the time to fail every single time," says Apatow. "What we did just didn't match network television. Now it wouldn't seem shocking at all, but it seemed superweird back then that they weren't incredibly handsome sexy kids having sex with each other all the time." 

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