Best. Show. Never.: The Greatest TV Series That Never Were

With so many genius ideas for shows pitched, how did we get 'The Leftovers'? Inside prime time's lost treasures

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'North Hollywood'
Ron Galella, Ltd./WireImage8/9

'North Hollywood'

ABC 2001

A self-serious Jason Segel works as Frankenstein's monster in a local amusement park. Amy Poehler is employed as a personal assistant to Judge Rein­hold (played by Judge Rein­hold). Ride Along star Kevin Hart cockily declares he will someday star in the next Beverly Hills Cop. Apatow was told ABC/Disney wanted to get into "edgier comedy," but the anarchic pilot might have been too much. In one scene, an anxiety-wracked Segel vomits into a toilet before a big audition, as blood runs down his face. "While we were shooting, his nose started bleeding, so we just rolled with it," says Apatow, laughing. "Blood is pouring onto the toilet seat. People said, 'You can't hand that in to Michael Eisner at Disney!' I said, 'Come on – it's hysterical!' " He chuckles. "But maybe that was not right for Disney." 

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