Best of Enemies: Jon Stewart's 10 Favorite 'Daily Show' Targets

From Fox News to Arby's, the folks commonly caught in the comedian's crosshairs

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Mitch McConnell

Stewart has savored delivering taunting impersonations of several of his favorite targets: George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Chris Christie. But arguably his best impression remains his dead-on vicious parody of the senior U.S. senator from Kentucky. Others have commented on Mitch McConnell's droopy eyes and lazy drawl, but Stewart found the perfect pop-culture reference point for the politician's faux-downhome charm by likening him to Cecil Turtle, the sometimes-adversary of Bugs Bunny in the old Looney Tunes cartoons. The host's exquisitely slowed-down imitation made McConnell's frequently infuriating public comments slightly more tolerable: We'd turn on The Daily Show just to hear him light into the guy. Jon especially had fun in 2014 by encouraging his audience to go #McConnelling, which involved fans marrying different pop songs to one particularly vanilla McConnell campaign ad. Pro Tip: Any song with the word "eyes" in the lyrics works great.