Best of Enemies: Jon Stewart's 10 Favorite 'Daily Show' Targets

From Fox News to Arby's, the folks commonly caught in the comedian's crosshairs

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Jim Cramer

There was plenty of blame to go around regarding the 2008 economic collapse: the banks, the Fed, Wall Street, Congress. In March of the following year, The Daily Show took aim at CNBC and, specifically, former hedge fund manager Jim Cramer, the host of its popular, hyperbolic show Mad Money. Stewart accused them of being desperately out of touch with the reality of the financial markets, despite their insistence on their own economic expertise. A public feud soon brewed between the two men, culminating with the financial whiz sitting down for an interview on March 12th. During their lengthy discussion, Stewart dissected Cramer's know-it-all screamer routine, pinpointing the lack of insight beneath the shallow TV pizzazz. His guest's humiliated, apologetic tone felt momentarily cathartic but made for awkward television — which Stewart himself later acknowledged. Talking to Howard Stern in 2014, he confessed regret about the smack-down interview. "You begin to believe your own responsibility to 'get this guy,'" Stewart said, "even though that's complete bullshit."

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