Best of Enemies: Jon Stewart's 10 Favorite 'Daily Show' Targets

From Fox News to Arby's, the folks commonly caught in the comedian's crosshairs


"The Hannity of Roast Beef Sandwiches." "Because Your Hunger Is Stronger Than Your Memory." "Technically, It’s Food." Those are but three of the fake slogans Stewart has come up with for his favorite fast-food laughing stock. Of all Jon's beefs over the years, his slagging of Arby's felt more playful than serious, the Daily Show host often laughing apologetically after each new putdown. (The constant good-natured ribbing prompted some to wonder if the whole thing wasn't an elaborate stealth-advertising campaign for the company, a suspicion the show spoofed last week during a segment highlighting some of his best Arby's digs.) When Stewart announced his retirement in February, Arby's good-naturedly offered the comedian a job via Twitter. Not missing a beat, Stewart responded, "I do not accept your peace offer. We shall always be enemies! For while you are a worthy adversary, you will be vanquished." And then he offered one more unsolicited slogan: "Arby's: Come for the Tweets, Run From the Meats."

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