50 Best 'Mad Men' Characters

From one-off cameos to Sterling-Cooper's core players, we're ranking the show's most memorable characters

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Joyce Ramsey
Michael Yarish/AMC36/50

36. Joyce Ramsey

Showcase Episode: "The Rejected"
Peggy's hipster lesbian pal Joyce (a photo editor at Life) was the first chance we all got to see Zosia Mamet in action. Joyce has to get docked a couple notches for introducing Peggy to Abe, a boyfriend so insufferable that fans cheered when Peggy harpooned him. (Peggy's always had dodgy taste in men, but she really hit rock bottom with Abe.) It was always sweet how Joyce called her "Pegasus," too. Mamet ended up stealing Girls as Shoshanna, a New York girl who's basically the 180-degree opposite of this one.

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