50 Best 'Mad Men' Characters

Sex. Booze. Money. Corruption. Mad Men has given us a host of brilliantly depraved rogues over the past eight seasons. (Or seven, if you're into AMC's droll accounting.) So many great characters, with so few moral standards. As Matthew Weiner's saga of the Sixties ad game heads for the final curtain, it's time to count down the 50 best characters. Some keep evolving over the years, going through drastic changes. Others just blaze for an episode or two. Really, it's about quality not quantity — sorry, but no matter how much screen time Lou Avery gobbles up, he can't hang with a glorious one-shot like Ho-Ho. Some of these characters are fast with a quip, some out for a buck, others just here for a drink. But they're all unforgettable.