Let's Do the Time Lord Again: 50 Best 'Doctor Who' Moments

As the new doctor hits American screens, travel back through the highlights of this classic British sci-fi show

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4. 'You Belong to Us. You Shall Be Like Us'

From: "The Tomb of the Cybermen"
Premiere: September 2, 1967

The Second Doctor and his traveling companions, Jamie McCrimmon (Frazer Hines) and Victoria Waterfield (Debra Watling), stumble upon an expedition on the planet Telos meant to uncover the final resting place of the Cybermen, whose disappearance centuries before is part of the historical record.  The scene in which a newly sophisticated, more inhuman batch of Cybermen arises from frozen hibernation in a breathtaking multi-level catacomb is one of the most riveting images in the entire series. (Watch closely for a bit of spontaneous slapstick from Troughton and Hines as they enter the tomb.)

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