Let's Do the Time Lord Again: 50 Best 'Doctor Who' Moments

As the new doctor hits American screens, travel back through the highlights of this classic British sci-fi show

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10. 'I'm a Doctor – but Probably Not the One You Were Expecting."

From: "The Night of the Doctor"
Premiere: November 14, 2013

Fan service it might have been, but this online "webisode" preamble to the 50th Anniversary special packed a lot into its not-quite seven minutes: the triumphant return of Paul McGann as the Eighth Doctor; evidence of how widely reviled the Time Lords became during their endless war with the Daleks; a smart tie to classic Who in the Sisterhood of Karn, last seen in the Fourth Doctor's era; an explanation for John Hurt's War Doctor character in the television episodes that flanked this clip; and, quite possibly, canonization of the Eighth Doctor's many superb adventures in audio dramas produced by English company Big Finish.

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