Let's Do the Time Lord Again: 50 Best 'Doctor Who' Moments

As the new doctor hits American screens, travel back through the highlights of this classic British sci-fi show

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2. Dawn of the Daleks

From: "The Daleks"
Premiere: December 21, 1963

Arriving by accident on a radiation-soaked planet called Skaro, the Doctor and his companions encounter for the first time the pestilential pepper-pots known as the Daleks – horribly mutated creatures whose lives are preserved by mechanical shells, and who are locked in mortal combat with a race of splendid humanoids known as the Thals. The invention of writer Terry Nation – who shrewdly retained rights to his creation, spun them off into two feature films, and had the last word in their resurrection for the new Doctor Who series – the Daleks would become the Doctor's arch-foes. Never have a plunger, a whisk and an eyestalk packed more menace.

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