5 Worst TV Shows of 2013

We're in a golden age of television — discounting this garbage

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'Community' (NBC)
Justin Lubin/NBC3/5

3. 'Community' (NBC)

Believe it or not, the Dan Harmon-in-exile season had its moments. The Sophie B. Hawkins dance and the Inspector Spacetime convention were excellent episodes, and while the German-invasion one fell apart badly in the second half, the first 10 minutes were pretty funny. ("There must be nearly 100 luftballons!") But most were so bad I couldn't even get through them, and Community saved the worst for last – the final two episodes were so methodically, bombastically awful, everyone seemed to be screaming, "Get me out of this goddamn show or so help me I will undo a season's worth of unfunny 'Changnesia' set-ups by inviting Chang out for frozen yogurt, thereby reforming him." Sad – it was like watching Vicky dance for Twinkies. Dan Harmon is back, whether it's too late or not. But we'll always have Blanketsburg.

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