40 Greatest TV Villains of All Time

From serial killers to cylons, mobsters to murderous moms — counting down the TV characters you love to hate

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36. The One-Armed Man, 'The Fugitive'

Less a villain than the idea of a bad guy, the One-Armed Man was the human maguffin who drove The Fugitive's basic story — the real killer of Dr. Richard Kimble's wife, whom the good doctor was on a quest to catch and thereby clear his name. Played by Bill Raisch, he was only glimpsed a handful of times before the end, but his influence lingers on: He bequeathed his moniker and disability to a prominent Twin Peaks character (real name: Philip Gerard, after the cop tracking Kimble down), and he's synonymous with the mystery culprits that conspiracy theorists and accused killers alike concoct to explain seemingly open-and-shut crimes.

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