40 Greatest TV Villains of All Time

From serial killers to cylons, mobsters to murderous moms — counting down the TV characters you love to hate

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39. Ace, 'Girls'

The murderous metahuman called Sylar from NBC's Heroes was Zachary Quinto's breakout role, but an even better villain awaited him. That would be Ace, the preposterously awful hipster who blew up the lives of multiple characters in Girls' fourth season. Given the charges of millennial self-absorption frequently leveled at Lena Dunham's dramedy, creating the worst possible Brooklyn stereotype imaginable — from his jaunty cap to his trademark toothbrush, it’s like he was sprung from the same place the fraudulent chocolate brothers bought their beards — to be the core crew's antagonist was a masterstroke. His best line, "Let's take some selfies and get weird," is what the Borg would tell people if it was going to assimilate them into Williamsburg.

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