40 Greatest Sketch-Comedy TV Shows of All Time

From Caesar to Schumer, 65 years of the Land Shark, the Chicken Lady and a bunch of Muppets

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26. 'Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!' (2007-2010)

"A lot of ideas need to look bad to work," Tim Heidecker told The Believer in 2008. "If certain ideas look too sleek and precious, they're not as successful." Saying Adult Swim's five seasons of Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! merely look bad undersells the nightmarish success of Heidecker and Eric Wareheim's 11-minute spurts. Taking cues from low-budget public access television, David Lynch and probably psychedelic mushrooms, the show's green-screen visuals, anti-narratives, and Cinco-brand junk advertisements prove that cringing and laughing are millimeters apart. A mix of unpolished amateurs and perverse-minded pros give up all creative control to repetition gags, awkward puppet shows and a grotesque rap about "bloody nips." "Tim and I still have this theory that the realistic will always outdo the inauthentic," said Wareheim. "Always. That’s the main reason we haven’t hired a professional sketch troupe for the Awesome Show. Real people, for better or worse — mostly worse — will always be preferable."

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