40 Best 'Saturday Night Live' Characters of All Time

Legends, obscurities, opera men: a look back at the funniest concoctions to grace Studio 8H

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39. Father Guido Sarducci
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39. Father Guido Sarducci

The Vatican newspaper's rock critic and gossip columnist, played by Don Novello with his constant cigarette and shades. The predictable move would have been to make Father Guido the butt of the joke, as a lampoon of religious squares. Yet Novello turns him into a hipster in monsignor's robes, sponsoring a "Find the Pope in the Pizza" contest and reviewing the various Popes' musical output. He's a big fan of Paul VI's White Album.

Best line: "The Pope's doing an encyclical. It's called the Vita Est Lavorum. In English, that means 'Life: It's a Job.'"

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