40 Best 'Saturday Night Live' Characters of All Time

Legends, obscurities, opera men: a look back at the funniest concoctions to grace Studio 8H

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23. Mindy Grayson
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23. Mindy Grayson

Kristen Wiig is the woman of a thousand faces, but her most enduringly brilliant character is Mindy, a marvelously emphathetic portrait of an over-the-hill Broadway diva. She's a regular guest on the Seventies game show Secret Word, except she'd rather gush about her triumphs in productions like Juicy Boots of 1961 and "the unnecessary revival of the play The Incoherence of Miss Tiffany."

Best line: "Bob Fosse said the same thing to me in the smash failure Wigwam Suzy and the Corn Maize Crew, the story of a Native American girl who slept her way up to a two-room teepee."

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