40 Best 'Saturday Night Live' Characters of All Time

Legends, obscurities, opera men: a look back at the funniest concoctions to grace Studio 8H

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17. Leonard Pinth-Garnell
Alan Singer/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty16/34

17. Leonard Pinth-Garnell

Dan Ayrkoyd's tuxedo-clad culture vulture, the host of Bad Playhouse, Bad Ballet and Bad Opera. He brings his audience the very worst in contemporary performances, from the stage ("Voorstraat's early plays dealt with 'the existentialism of being' — difficult to understand because they were so very poorly written") or screen ("tonight's selected bad film really bites it"), while applauding with cries of "Awful! Awful! Couldn't be worse!"

Best line: "There now — that wasn't very good, was it?"

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