30 Most Anticipated TV Shows of 2018

From new prestige dramas and must-binge sci-fi shows to the return of 'Atlanta,' 'Westworld' and more – what we can't wait to tune in to

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'Roseanne' (ABC, Mar. 7)

By popular demand, Roseanne Barr is bringing back her beloved Nineties sitcom, which dealt so intelligently and hilariously with the stresses of middle American life. Less popularly (perhaps), she's announced that Roseanne's Connor family will remain up-to-date with working class trends … right down to the MAGA hats. ABC has clarified that the show won't be explicitly pro-Trump, but rather that – true to the original – it won't ignore the arguments much of the country is having. "Woke" or not, this revival should be riveting. NM

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