30 Most Anticipated TV Shows of 2018

From new prestige dramas and must-binge sci-fi shows to the return of 'Atlanta,' 'Westworld' and more – what we can't wait to tune in to

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'Heathers' (Paramount Network, 2018)

Ever since the pitch-black teen comedy Heathers became a surprise cult favorite in the late Eighties, various producers, studios, et al. have tried to find a way to bring back this stinging saga of mean high school kids and misfit rebels. After toying with the idea of a sequel, the new Paramount Network (which took over the project from TV Land, which took it from Bravo, which took it from Fox) will be following the Get Shorty model, retelling the original movie's story in the modern day, with a few new twists. Fuck us gently with a chainsaw indeed. NM

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