30 Most Anticipated TV Shows of 2018

From new prestige dramas and must-binge sci-fi shows to the return of 'Atlanta,' 'Westworld' and more – what we can't wait to tune in to

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'Cloak and Dagger' (Freeform, 2018)

Marvel screen adaptations often do best when they're based on more obscure or B-list comics characters (see: Guardians of the Galaxy, Legion, Jessica Jones), sans the weight of Iron Man-shaped expectations. So the dark and lowering sky's the limit for this Freeform show, based on a 1980s fan-favorite duo whom we can only describe as the most emo teens in the Marvel Universe. They come from two different worlds: Cloak (Aubrey Joseph) has darkness powers! Dagger (Olivia Holt) has light powers! They're kind of messed up about it, but they also totally have the hots for each other! Creator Joe Pokaski (Underground, Daredevil, Heroes) emphasizes the caped YA drama in a big way; it looks like it'll be appropriately fraught and gloomy. Bring on the rooftop brooding. JS

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