30 Most Anticipated TV Shows of 2018

From new prestige dramas and must-binge sci-fi shows to the return of 'Atlanta,' 'Westworld' and more – what we can't wait to tune in to

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'Atlanta Robbin' Season' (FX, Mar. 1)

Look, Donald Glover can call the second season of his Emmy-winning, canon-worthy FX show any damned thing he wants – the actor/co-creator/all-around Renaissance man could have dubbed this sophomore run Donny G's Wacky Fun-Time Crotch-Kick and we'd still tune in to see where this sensational, surreal-as-fuck series goes every week. There is nothing we're looking forward to more than hanging out with Earnest "Earn"Marks, Van, Paper Boi, Darius and their fellow ATLiens again; we're still cracking up over Season One's "invisible car" callback and still shaking over that intense finale. It may be our favorite show currently on TV. And we're about to get more of it. DF

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