30 Best 'Walking Dead' Characters

From survivors to Saviors, the Governor to Negan – the greatest heroes, villains and everything-in-between of AMC's hit zombie-horror show

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Gene Page/AMC10/30

10. Negan

The show's current big bad was touted for more than half a season as the ultimate threat to our heroes' hopeful plans. He comes complete with an fiercely loyal army (the Saviors), a hard-earned survival-of-the-fittest philosophy and a perpetually "thirsty" barbed-wire–covered baseball bat named Lucille – all of which assuries that any thriving community would have to hand over most of its bounty. With all of that set-up, it would've been hard for any villain to live up to the hype, but thanks to Jeffrey Dean Morgan's grinning, relaxed performance and some genuinely shocking acts of violence, Negan has been firmly established as a formidable enemy. The alarming ease of his cruelty and the rigors of his organization represent a worldview that's been both fascinating and frightening to explore.

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