30 Best 'Walking Dead' Characters

From survivors to Saviors, the Governor to Negan – the greatest heroes, villains and everything-in-between of AMC's hit zombie-horror show

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Morgan Jones
Gene Page/AMC4/30

4. Morgan Jones

Is it a coincidence that four of TWD's strongest episodes are Morgan-centric? He was a crucial part of the pilot, guiding a then-helpless Rick to safety. He came back as a troubled soul in Season Three’s heartbreaking episode "Clear," and then recovered from the loss of his family and moral compass in the extended flashback "Here's Not Here." And in this season's highly entertaining "The Well," he became our guide to the strange and wonderful world of the Kingdom, where his peaceful spirit has been better integrated than it ever was with the spikier Alexandrians. Over the past few seasons, the survivors have had less use for such a gentle, philosophical soul, but the show still badly needs Morgan – both to prove that it’s possible to stay alive without sacrificing every principle and that it pays to speak softly and carry a big staff.

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