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Philip Gerard/'MIKE'
CBS Photo Archive12/30

12. Philip Gerard/'MIKE'

Everyone who saw Twin Peaks at a too-young age has their own personal nightmare fuel from their glimpses: perhaps yours is this mild-mannered, one-armed shoe salesman convulsing uncontrollably when the medicine that suppresses his routine demonic possession by an entity called MIKE wears off. But MIKE is a (relatively) benign spirit, who cut off his own arm rather than continue to kill alongside the brutal BOB, and has hunted him ever since. (Not for nothing did Lynch and Frost name his human host after the policeman from The Fugitive.) His traffic-jam confrontation with a terrified Leland and Laura in the prequel film Fire Walk With Me is one of the saga's most harrowing moments. And, of course, it was MIKE who first purred out the ominous poem that gave that movie its title: "Through the darkness of future past, the magician longs to see. One chants out between two worlds: fire walk with me."