Lynch Mob: 30 Best 'Twin Peaks' Characters

From Laura Palmer to the Log Lady, these were the residents of David Lynch's otherwordly series that turned 'Twin Peaks' into a TV landmark

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Sheriff Harry S. Truman
ABC Photo Archives9/30

9. Sheriff Harry S. Truman

He's the very definition of a supporting character, which is why it always comes as a surprise to see Michael Ontkean billed second only to Kyle MacLachlan in Twin Peaks' iconic opening credits. But the good Sheriff meant way more to the show than just being Agent Cooper's backup. He was dependable, open-minded, possessed of a certain Springsteen-esque sexiness, and exhibiting none of the provincialism or authoritarianism we'd come to expect from small-town cops on TV; Truman also punctured the idea that Lynch and Frost were simply taking too-easy swipes at Main Street USA. There was goodness in places like Twin Peaks after all, even in positions of power — and Harry was Exhibit A.

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