Lynch Mob: 30 Best 'Twin Peaks' Characters

From Laura Palmer to the Log Lady, these were the residents of David Lynch's otherwordly series that turned 'Twin Peaks' into a TV landmark

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Major Garland Briggs
CBS Photo Archive8/30

8. Major Garland Briggs

Briggs was the ultimate don't-judge-a-book-by-its-cover character on a show that reveled in never quite playing to type. With his cueball head, omnipresent uniform, and preposterously formal manner of speaking, the major seemed like a satire of authority figures – precisely the kind of tightass that a delinquent like his son Bobby would rebel against. But by the end of the series he'd become both a lynchpin [ahem] of the supernatural storyline and a voice of kindness in a terrifying world. If his dream about how much he loves his son doesn't move you, you may very well be from the Black Lodge.

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